My Beautiful Family

My Beautiful Family

Me (back row, center, with my son’s youngest daughter in front of me), my son, his wife and other two children on the left and my daughter and her 3 children on the right. My grandson (far left) is the photographer in the family and he took this photo with his camera on a timer and tripod on a very cold wintry day — January 3, 2014 — windchill around 10 degrees! Brrrr. My son and his family were leaving, after our breakfast out, to drive back home to Tampa. They didn’t like the cold weather in NC!

Are you where you want to be?

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. — author unknown

Appreciate what you have now

The sage old advice of aiming for the sky, instead of the ground, is still true today.  If you are not happy where you are or with what you are doing, then you should aim higher!  We can all do better in whatever we attempt to do IF we aim higher than we have previously.    Races are won by a tenth of a second — if only he had pushed a little harder.

So, regardless of what you are trying to do in life, always strive for more than you’ve ever done before!  You may not reach the top every time, but you will get a lot higher on that mountain if you aim for the top!

Good luck and hard work are done, hand in hand,


A Little Life Advice


            First, a toast to you and your brighter future!

  Advice and tips you may be able to use:


Toasting the new year with great neighbors and friends

1) Consider this quote “Never base your life decisions on advice from people who don’t have to deal with the results”  (author unknown) with everything I mention and with any advice I may offer and any tips I suggest . . . you are the one who will deal with the results!

2) My personal advice, and tips gleaned from others, may not work for you, so please consider altering the suggestion to fit your persona and/or situation.  And, please keep referring to the quote pictured here!  You, my friend, are the controller of YOUR universe, so make your life choices carefully, both in business and in your personal life.

3) No matter what you hear, no matter what you see — no one can convince you to do something unless you are truly ready and willing to do it.  So, please listen to your inner (gut) feelings, your self-consciousness and intuition.  We are all responsible for our own well-being, our own happiness and our own paths in life.  Do a little research and soul-searching before making life-changing decisions.

4) Feel free to ask questions (for the public or for me to answer), then check back in a few days for answers.

5) Please offer your suggestions, advice, tips and answers to any questions posted here.  With the disclaimer above, the ones with the questions, should consider the sources.  We are not representing ourselves as attorneys, doctors or any other kind of professionals, so take all advice accordingly and feel free to get a second, third, fourth or more opinion.   My only intent in writing these blogs, advice columns and/or giving you my own personal experiences is to keep you from reinventing the wheel, from making the same mistakes I and others have made and for giving you that leg up — that gentle push — to help you get ahead easier and quicker.   We will all benefit from your improved life.  Thanks for taking time out to read and listen to my advice, whether you take it or not, you might at least avoid a few pitfalls.  Now on to the real advice . . .